Akiza C. Phoenix

Anime-girl 011-1-1
Age 18
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type Type O
Birthdate July 10
Height 5'04"
Weight 135 lbs.
Island of Origin unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Spit fire phoenix
Crew Blue haired
Position captain
Family Phoenix L. Tremki (Dead)
Bounty 190,000,000
Dream To honour her brothers memory

Akiza C.Phoenix

This is a Fan fiction character for the blue-haired pirate crew Akiza was born on a jungle island in the first half of the grand line where she grew up not knowing her family with no one to warn her of the danger she fell victim to chance when the logia type devil fruit fell into her hands.


Akiza is tall for her age But skinny often mistaken for under weight she has a lean build and is not vary muscled this is due to her constantly training her self for speed rather then power her hair colour is naturally a deep black tone but she often dyes it other colours from light brown to red it is often put in a long ponytail or left alone giving her a feral appearance her eye colour is normally a deep brown but she has been told when angry or when using her mera mera fruit her eyes shift to a bright red colour


Akiza is a easy going yet hateful person often more concerned with having fun or drinking then doing anything considered important. She rarely shows any concern for anything other then when her next meal, often stating she hates other humans and will actively attack people if they provoke her in even the slightest way. this is doubly true if they mention her dead adoptive older brother Phoenix L. Tremki the former captain of the blue haired pirates. Her personality will do a complete turn around, she becomes calm calculating and serious often becoming more brutal she also holds a deep seeded hate and towards the marines of the world government


Fire: gained from the mera mera fruit she has the ability to control and create fire at will

Fire body: gained from the mera mera fruit she has the ability to turn into fire to attack or avoid her enemy's

Sword play: she uses short swords and knifes to get in close and fight performing quick and spinning slashes giving the illusion she is dancing instead of fighting.

Tracking: Spending her early years in a jungle she learned to track humans and beasts at a early age this ability was perfected in her time as a bounty hunter.


Phoenix L. Tremki:(Dead) she first met him when hunting bounty's for the marines they fought each other tooth and nail both seeking to defeat the other no matter what at the end of the battle both stood badly inured but with tremki as the winner and after that they became fast friends and would often be found drinking together at inns and bars much to the confusion and annoyance of his crew and other bounty hunters.

After he rescued her from the marines however they become brother and sister in all but blood her last name being proof of this as she took up tremki's own last name "Phoenix" to show her commitment to him and his dream of becoming pirate king

He however died before this could happen at the hands of other pirates and marines well she was away training to become a better fighter to support him and his dream of becoming pirate king. the knowledge that she was unable to help him haunts her to this day.


early years

Born on a jungle island she was raised by the native tribes of the island who worshipped the earth sky and wildlife as the blessings of the gods she always knew she was not born a part of the tribe as she was the only one with black hair on the island growing up with the tribe was hard and punishing for akiza leaving her with many scars and memory's best left forgotten but she was happy quickly learning the ways of her new family by the age of 8 years old she had already earned her tribal tattoos earning her a place as an adult and warrior of the tribe

9 years old

she fell victim to chance upon the discovery of a strange fruit her people had never seen deciding she would be the one to eat it to test for poison or a possible new source of food for her people. however after eating it the shaman of the tribe arrived and warned them not to touch the fruit to late for poor akiza however the deed had been done and she was given the power to create and control fire. this was not a blessing for her however as the tribe feared her and her powers calling her the demon's hand and exiled her

10 years old

exiled by her people she survived of the land on the far side of the island in till her 10th birthday celebrating alone in an effort to shake of her depression she did not notice a band of marines exploring the island it and they captured her they quickly came to regret this however when she burned the ropes around her hand to ash and attacked them the battle was short lived however upon the arrival of the vice admiral in charge of the exploration arrived and knocked her unconscious with armament haki she was given two choices either join the marines or hunt pirates for them alone if she failed to do either she would be killed as a threat to the world government

14 years old

well hunting bounty's she stumbled across the pirate Phoenix L. Tremki with a bounty of 145,00000 she attacked knowing that handing in a bounty that high would pay her price to freedom and a happy retirement not aware of how strong he was she was soundly defeated but not before earning the respect of the pirate the result was a warning from the world government never to fail again and a new friend in the form of the next pirate king Phoenix L. Tremki

16 years old

after 6 years of service as a bounty hunter akiza failed to bring in a bounty despite it being two years since the last failure she was arrested by the marines and sentenced to public execution by torture this however was not her fate as she was send a guardian angle to save her in the form of her friend pirate Phoenix L. Tremki by the end of the day feeling she owed her life to Him she signed up for tremki's pirate crew the blue haired pirates and had a bounty of 68mil beli placed on her life by the world government

18 years old

having left to better her self over a time of 5 months in the jungles of her home island to better assist her older brother she mastered haki in all its standard forms learning from scrolls given to her by tremki himself and along the way reached a higher level of control with her devil fruit ability's. however when she returned tragedy had stuck her life yet again claiming the life of her brother in a terrible battle that left the blue haired pirates scattered just days before she arrived on the island they had agreed to meet on. blaming her self for not being with him when he died when she could have helped she fell into self hatred and is now often found trying to drown her self in sake inside taverns and bars or picking fights with people out of hatred for humanity and the world as a hole.

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